A Life Changing Story of Faith and Works

My New York Life is a true life story about a young woman from Upstate NY. After a car crash at a young age, Jessica Naioti gets sober, recovers, goes to college to earns multiple degrees, serves for AmeriCorps National Service, and finds the man and job of her dreams. Then, in just three weeks she loses the body, job and relationship she took for granted. Jessica fell down a spiral staircase pregnant, days later was let go from a position within a company and then left in the middle of her pregnancy by her fiancé. Would faith, prayer, and a strong program of living get her through adversities? 



My New York Life began in Granby, NY. At the age of 18 I almost died in a traumatic car crash that left me with a broken neck among other injuries. When a Dr told me if I continued with physical therapy and learning, I would recover, I took that to heart. I continued my education with multiple degrees, service work, sobriety and a diligent schedule. I was awarded some great opportunities included being recruited by a relatively well known insurance and investment company. I was in a long term relationship with a man I loved very much. Even with God and best efforts my humanness and that of others involved created great havoc personally and professionally. After switching gears from Healthcare to Finance, I learned relatively quickly how savage financial services can become. In a span on three weeks I lost a man that never loved me, fell down a spiral staircase pregnant and was fired after my first biggest retirement rollover.  Learn about the experiences I’ve had, how I obtained the strength to get through them and the hope that comes with the triumph achieved. You can check out my podcast #bewellbewealthy on Anchor and videos on YouTube and Facebook. I’ve started a merchandise line with clothing, perfume and accessories. My world travels I’ve also tried to document there and on TripAdvisor @travelingmommy. Thank you for these moments of your life. #bewellbewealthy

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